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The Handheld Linux Zaurus Software Index: for Sharp Zaurus and other devices.


QPSword - 0.5.2Qtopia frontend for The SWORD Project(15 Apr 2002)
'Special' Kernel for the SL-5600 - 1.3SL-5600 kernel with pre-emptive and overclocking patches applied(9 Jan 2004)
a2ps - 4.13-3'text' to PostScript converter(15 Aug 2002)
aalib - 1.2ASCII art graphics library(27 Sep 2002)
ABook - 1.0.4A new Address Book in memory of Psion Revo(28 Jan 2006)
abx2csv - 0.1.0convert addressbook xml format to text-csv(25 Oct 2003)
Addoc - 0.1Add files to the Documents tab.(16 Aug 2002)
Addressbook parser export the data from Zaurus into a db(7 Aug 2002)
AdvancedFM - 0.9.1An advanced file manager(18 Sep 2002)
Affix bluetooth protocol stack - 1.2.1Quite complete bluetooth implementation for Linux(30 Jul 2002)
AJZaurusUSB - 0.5.3USB driver for MacOS X 10.4 (Universal Binary)(13 Oct 2007)
Amortization calculatorCalculate loan payment amounts(7 Apr 2002)
AODVA routing protocol for ad hoc networks(7 Apr 2002)
Apache with PHP - Apache 1.3.29, Php 4.2.3Apache webserver with PHP support(7 Apr 2002)
Applet Monitor Applet - 1.0.0An Applet for enabling/disabling Applets without reloading Qtopia(15 Jun 2003)
AppletManager - 1.0Facilitates the enabling/disabling of taskbar applets.(8 Sep 2002)
aprsd - 2.2.5-0Internet Gateway for the Automatic Position Reporting System(7 Dec 2004)
Aqpkg - 1.9Package Manager(23 Sep 2002)
Aricalc - 1.0Aricalc is a simple calculator for working with imperial values(14 Jul 2002)
armutilsCollection of console apps(19 Sep 2002)
askMerlinz.py - za Decision Analysis tool(11 Apr 2004)
Atari 800 EmulatorEmulator of Atari 800 XL(17 Jul 2002)
Atari800Z - 1.3.0+Atari 800 Emulator - SDL version, supports keyboard, keypad, screen rotation(18 Jun 2003)
Atomic - 0.0.4Port of the katomic game of the KDE project(23 Sep 2002)
awk - 0.0.1The `awk' utility interprets a special-purpose programming language that makes it possible to handle simple data-reformatting jobs with just a few lines of code.(10 Aug 2002)
ax25-apps - 0.0.6-0This package provides specific user applications for hamradio that use AX.25 Net/ROM or ROSE network protocols.(7 Dec 2004)
ax25-modules - 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedixax25 Amateur Packet Radio modules for kernel 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix(7 Dec 2004)
aylet - 0.5a player for spectrum .ay music files(13 Apr 2006)
backgammon - 0.9.7a backgammon game(21 Sep 2002)
Backup And Restore - 1.0Backup And Restore replacement aplication for the Zaurus(18 Sep 2002)
bash shell package manager - 1.0.2FreeBSD package system like shell script package manager(12 Oct 2002)
bb - 1.2ASCII art demo(27 Sep 2002)
Beiks English - Spanish Dictionary Gold for Zaurus - 5.2Bidirectional Spanish dictionary for Zaurus(31 Oct 2003)
BilliardZ - 0.1.4Billiard (Pool) game for the Zaurus(24 Aug 2002)
Blassic - 7.2Blassic ported to the Zaurus(11 May 2003)
Bluetooth network plugins for Bluez protocol stack - 1.0A set of plugins for the Network Settings application and taskbar applet(5 Aug 2003)
BlueZ bluetooth stack and drivers - 2.xBlueZ bluetooth protocol stack and drivers for the Zaurus(2 May 2002)
BoaSimple Web Server(19 Apr 2002)
Bochs - pre 2.0beta CVSa port of x86 PC emulator Bochs which use SDL gui(22 Oct 2002)
bookmark starter - 0.1turn your bookmarks into yor web browser start page(24 Jul 2002)
Brickout - 2002.06.09Breakout clone with music and sound effects(10 Jun 2002)
Bugsquish - 0.0.6Squish the bugs with your stylus(19 Apr 2002)
busybox - 0.60.4multicall binary(24 Sep 2002)
busybox 0.60.3 - 0.60.3Latest Busybox compiled for the Zaurus(20 Apr 2002)
Busybox 0.60.5 - 0.60.5Smallest version of Busybox with color ls support.(6 Jan 2003)
Buzz Lite - ?Buzz Lite is the pyqt version of the Buzz outliner(1 Jul 2005)
buzzme - 1.1Support program for Kismet Wireless LAN sniffer and example of Buzzer use on the Z.(17 Apr 2002)
buZzword Bingo - 1.1Buzzword Bingo(30 Aug 2002)
bzip2 - 1.0.2A high-quality data compressor.(13 Sep 2002)
C-Kermit - 8.0.206Network and serial communication software(15 Dec 2002)
Cacko ROM V1.22 - V1.22Cacko ROM is a localized English ROM based on Sharp Japanese ROM for Sharp Zaurus C7x0/C860 devices.(4 Jan 2005)
Cacko SL-5000/5500 Flash update V3.10_2.4.18 - 3.10_2.4.18SL-5000 flash rom update based on SL-5500 Sharp ROM V3.10 with 30MB RAM and /home on MMC/SD card(19 May 2003)
Cacko Zaurus Qtopia ROM - 1.211.21 HotFix B(22 May 2004)
Cacko Zaurus Qtopia ROM Hotfix B - 1.21bCacko Zaurus Qtopia ROM Hotfix B(7 Jun 2004)
Camera Assistant - 0.2.0Photographer's / Cinematographer's calculator.(10 Jul 2002)
catalist - 0.3.1shopping / stocktaking application(2 Feb 2003)
CenterICQ - 4.9.7CenterICQ IM client(15 Oct 2003)
ChangJei input methodChangJei (Traditional) Chinese Input method(8 Sep 2002)
Chinese ROM for 5500 - 3.10cChinese ROM for 5500(26 Nov 2002)
cleanmods.sh - 1.1Shell script to remove unused kernel modules.(1 Jun 2002)
ClipAssistant - 0.4aclipboard history and edit tool.(9 May 2004)
clispLisp interpreter / bytecode compiler(24 Sep 2002)
Clone of invadersA clone of Space Invaders(9 Jun 2006)
CMatrix - 1.2aMatrix for the terminal(20 Sep 2002)
cmu-snmp - 3.7-3SNMP library and standard applications(6 Jan 2003)
Comet - V0.481Level editor for crimson fields(9 May 2006)
Command line Serial Terminal - 0.1TIP like command line serial terminal(29 Aug 2003)
Connector - for easy setups of bluetooth connections(10 Jan 2003)
Construct - 1.52D CAD Program(8 Nov 2002)
courier-imap - 2.1.2pop and imap daemon with ssl(5 Oct 2003)
cplay - 1.47cplay is a audio player front end written in Python and Curses.(27 May 2003)
CppViewA C++ Class Viewer(4 Aug 2002)
Crimson fields - 0.481Roundbased strategy game in the style of Battle Isle(9 May 2006)
Crossword - 1.0aCrossword (.puz format)(3 Jul 2002)
Crossword++ (puz and tpz format) - 0.0.3Crossword software writen in C++ that supports both the puz and the tpz format(14 Feb 2003)
CSound - 4.24.1Text-mode only sound synthesis language and tools(5 Jun 2003)
csound4 - 4.21.6sound synthesis programming language(5 Apr 2006)
CTux - 1.0.0Watch the little Cylon Tux eliminate Windows, 'nuff said? qpe-libqtopia_1.6.0-13_arm.ipk required(12 May 2004)
Cumulus - 1.2Soaring flightcomputer(1 Sep 2002)
CUPS client - 1.1.20Common Unix Printing System(23 Feb 2004)
Customizable Keyboard - 1.1.0alternate input methods both on-screen and thru physical keyboard(2 Jun 2002)
CVS -- Concurrent Versions System - 1.11Version Control System(7 Aug 2002)
cyrillic input and fonts - 1.4Cyrillic unicode chars and input plugins(22 Aug 2002)
Cyrillic Support for Sharp Mail on SL 5500 - 1.0This is update to the Mail application from Sharp ROM 3.1x. It adds support for cyrillic KOI8-R support for outgoing mail.(10 Mar 2004)
Cyrillic unicode fonts for SL-5000/5500 and SL-A300/C700Cyrillic unicode fonts(19 May 2003)
DarkStar - 1.0A new HTML editor for the Sharp Zaurus!!!(19 Sep 2002)
Data Backup - 1.0Backup And Restore replacemnt aplication for the Zaurus(18 Sep 2002)
dev_img-1.5 - 1.5A cramfs filesystem with everything needed for on-the-Z development(3 Jul 2002)
DGEN SDL Sega Genesis emulatorGenesis Emulator(12 Dec 2003)
diffutils package: diff, diff3, cmp, sdiff - 2.6.4 second releasediffutils finds the differences between files with similar contents(25 Sep 2003)
dig - 9.2.1ISC Bind's dig utility(6 Aug 2002)
Discoverer - 0.05802.11b network discoverer(6 Sep 2002)
distcc - 0.7Distributed compilation client for gcc(15 Aug 2002)
DiveCalc - 1.0NAUI Scuba Dive Table Calculator(6 Sep 2002)
DjViewDjVu viewer for Qtopia(22 Jun 2002)
DM Helper - 0.9.3Dungeon Master Helper(23 Apr 2003)
docReader - 1.1palm doc reader(24 Sep 2002)
DoctorZ - 1.0.1Medical Imaging Viewer/Telemedicine(30 Oct 2002)
dos2unix/unix2dos - 1.3Text file conversion between PCs and Unix systems.(17 Apr 2002)
Dr.Z Blind - 1.1.0Turns off your Zaurus LCD to reduce power comsumption.(14 Oct 2002)
DrugMoney - 0.99bDopewars type game(6 Sep 2002)
dtm2xml - 2.0convert the Sharp DTM PIM database to/from XML(23 Oct 2005)
DTux - 1.0.0Dancing Tux(28 Apr 2004)
dummydevMake qtmail work with usb-net / offline(6 Oct 2003)
DVI viewer - 1.0.2a program to show dvi-files (from TeX/LaTeX etc)(23 May 2004)
eDictAn Internet dictionary client(7 Apr 2002)
efax 0.9 - 0.9EFax, the light-weight and functional application to send and receive faxes.(10 Aug 2002)
EKG - 1.0Port of EKG: Linux IM and VoIP client for Gadu-Gadu(23 Jun 2003)
Embeddedkonsole - 1.5.9-1Console (Shell) with tab support, colors, and wrap/no wrap horizontal scrolling(14 Aug 2002)
eMotion - 1.2eMotion allows a user to remotely control winamp running on a Windows machine from the Zaurus SL-5500 pda.(27 May 2003)
English rom for SL-C700/750/760/860 - 1.18Custom english rom for SL-C700/750/760/860(10 Sep 2003)
eon-libflac - 1.0Eon Games FLAC decoding library(18 Sep 2002)
eps GPS Positioning System - 0.9.2-beta1A GPS Positioning System(2 Jun 2003)
esd - 2.24esd / esound for streaming to and mixing sound on a zaurus(16 Jul 2002)
evolution-sync.pl - 0.05Syncing the Zaurus with Evolution(7 Apr 2002)
exifozEXIF (JPEG) File Viewer for VGA ZAURUS(19 Jul 2005)
Expat 1.95.8 - 1.95.8Expat is an XML parser library written in C(15 Jan 2005)
Expecting - 0.50-BetaHandy utility for tracking the progress of early labor during pregnancy.(22 Oct 2002)
ext3 and jbd module for Zaurus 5600 with 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernelext3 and jbd module for Zaurus 5600 with 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel(27 Jan 2004)
ext3 kernel module for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix Z5000/5500 - 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedixext3 kernel module for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix(20 Oct 2004)
exult - 1.1.xPort of Exult to the Zaurus, so you can play Ultima 7 in the subway.(24 Jul 2002)
FBReader - 0.7.3cE-book reader.(1 May 2006)
fetchmail-ssl - 6.2.0fetchmail - grabs your mail and delivers it to a local mda(6 Oct 2003)
FifteenClassic game of 15(15 Apr 2002)
file 3.26 - 3.26File and Magic commands for Zaurus(17 Apr 2002)
FileViewer - 0.1A file browser similar to Sharp's 3.10 DocTab(20 Dec 2003)
findutilsGNU-findutils for more serch-fun(5 Oct 2003)
Fish - 1.1.0A fishtank for your Zaurus(30 Sep 2002)
Flight Planning Calculator (U Fly) - 1.0.2Flight Planning Calculator for small planes(1 Feb 2006)
FNViewer - 1.1FreeNoteQt (*.free) file viewer.(16 Jan 2005)
foldline splitter(19 Sep 2002)
fonts-bitstream-vera-sans-mono-50 - 1.1Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Fonts (normal weight)(9 Jan 2004)
fonts-bitstream-vera-sans-mono-50-t5 - 1.1Rotated Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Fonts (normal weight)(22 Apr 2004)
fonts-bitstream-vera-sans-mono-75 - 1.1Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Fonts (bold weight)(9 Jan 2004)
fonts-bitstream-vera-sans-mono-75-t5 - 1.1Rotated Bitstream Vera Sans Mono Fonts (bold weight)(22 Apr 2004)
FreeCiv - 0.0.4Alpha Version of FreeCiv(3 Jul 2002)
FreeNoteQt - 1.9.2preimage notebook style application has a huge canvas.(21 Feb 2004)
Freepascal 1.9.8 - 1.9.8Free Pascal (aka FPK Pascal) is a 32 and 64 bit professional Pascal compiler.(25 May 2005)
FreeSCI 0.34c Port for Zaurus C7x0/C860 - 0.34cFreeSCI 0.34c Port for Zaurus C7x0/C860(10 Oct 2004)
freeswan - 1.99.2freeswan daemons and userland tools and kernel module(1 Oct 2002)
freeswan userland tools for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel - sl 5600 - 2.01-1freeswan 2.01 userland tools for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel -sl 5600(13 Jan 2004)
Friq - 0701-1Friq for Embedded Linux: a port of Sebastian's GP2X game to the Sharp Zaurus.(14 Sep 2007)
FrodoGUI - 0.1Control / configuration program for the C64 Emulator Frodo(29 Sep 2002)
Froot - 0.7.1A fun puzzle game for the Zaurus.(14 Apr 2002)
FXConv - 0.2.6Foreign Exchange Currency Converter(6 Feb 2004)
Gaim - 0.4Gaim for Qtopia(10 Aug 2003)
Game of GO for SL-A300 - 0.9.1A package of the classical board game for A300 users.(19 Oct 2002)
GameBoyZ - 0.2Gameboy emulator for the Zaurus; uses libSDL.(25 Aug 2002)
gdb - 5.2The GNU Debugger(6 Sep 2002)
GeoKajet - 1.0Geocaching application for Qtopia(31 Oct 2006)
Georgia Unicode Fonts - 1.0.5-1Georgia Unicode Fonts(1 Feb 2003)
getmaps - 0.30get all maps for a given region(4 Oct 2003)
glasgowcs - 0.9.1A Glasgow Coma Scale Calculator(7 Feb 2003)
Glider - 1.0.0Fly your glider and attack those evil aliens...(11 Nov 2002)
GlucoZaurus - 0.3Bloodsugar Diary(23 Feb 2003)
gnokii - 0.5.2a Linux/Unix tool suite and modem driver for Nokia mobile phones(30 Aug 2003)
gnokii 0.5.2a Linux/Unix tool suite and modem driver for Nokia mobile phones(30 Aug 2003)
GNU bison - 1.35General-purpose parser generator(29 Jun 2003)
GNU diffutils - 2.7Compare files(29 Jun 2003)
GNU gperf - 2.7.2Perfect hash function generator(29 Jun 2003)
GNU Info reader - 4.6info - reader for GNU Texinfo files(22 Jul 2003)
GNU Octave - 2.0.17A high level language for numerical computation (mostly MATLAB compatible)(1 Nov 2002)
gnu-targnu-tar(23 May 2005)
GNUChess - 5.0.4GNUChess(6 Sep 2002)
gnugo - 3.4Port of GNU Go to zaurus; textbased go program(17 Dec 2003)
gnupg - 1.2.1(GPG) Gnu Privacy Guard compiled for arm(5 Feb 2003)
gnuZ - 0.3Lemmings style game(11 Aug 2003)
Golf score helper - 1.0.0Helps keeping track of the score for a single player on the course(25 Nov 2004)
GoVRec - 0.98cGoVRec is software for recording Go games on a Linux PDA.(3 Jul 2002)
GPE - G Palmtop Environment - 2.7Open source GUI system including applications like PIM for mobile Linux devices(11 Nov 2006)
GPSBabel - 1.2.4GPSBabel converts waypoints, tracks, and routes from one format to another.(15 Jan 2005)
GpsDriveGps navigation system (Alpha!)(10 Jun 2002)
Grades 4 Zaurus - 0.4.0An application for the student to keep track of their grades(22 Mar 2003)
GRASS GIS - 5.0.0A Geographic Information System (GIS)(19 Sep 2002)
Growth - 0.0.1Cellular Growth Simulation(7 Apr 2002)
GSM Phone sync - 0.2Read contacts from GSM phonebook via serial conn.(12 Jun 2004)
GSM phone sync ALPHA - 0.02alphaRetrieve phonebook off your GSM phone(30 Dec 2002)
GUI Grep - 1.3grep on GUI.(9 May 2004)
Gutenbrowser Embedded - 7.5gutenbrowser is an Project Gutenberg etext ebook reader with the ability to search for and download etexts for gutenberg.(9 Jul 2002)
gwCalc - 1.1Easy to use scientific calculator(31 Aug 2003)
Gyach - 0.1Yahoo Chat Client / Private Messenger for the Terminal.(24 Apr 2003)
Hancom Creator - 1.5script to make ipks of hancom's apps from the 5500(1 Jul 2002)
handtest - 1.01A knowledge testing application.(1 Nov 2002)
Hanoi - 1.2.3The Tower of Hanoi(5 May 2002)
Health Pack - 1.0Health tracker(19 Sep 2002)
hebcal - 3.2A programme to compute hebrew calendar dates(1 Aug 2006)
Helvetica Unicode Fonts - 1.5.0-1Helvetica unicode fonts(12 Oct 2002)
Heroes - 0.21Heroes is similar to the "Tron" and "Nibbles" games of yore, but includes many graphical improvements and new game features.(16 Mar 2006)
Hexatrolic - 1.0 beta 3A ball game(13 Dec 2002)
HideCF - 0.2.0Clean up your Documents tab for CompactFlash or SD users(4 Jun 2002)
High Speed driver for Ambicom/Pretec BT2000E CF cardsHigh Speed driver for Ambicom/Pretec BT2000E CF cards(21 Jan 2004)
HighwayZX Spectrum game ( requires ZJasper)(28 Jun 2002)
HNB - 1.9.17HNB is a curses-based outliner/TODO list/datebook/XML editor.(20 May 2003)
HolidayCalc - 0.4.1Calculate movable holidays (eg. easter)(24 Nov 2002)
Howto print Zaurus Addressbook, ToDo and Calendar xml Files - V2A howto and XSL file to print the Zaurus Addressbook, ToDo and Calendar(27 Dec 2002)
hping2 - 2Hping2 custom ping on user defined port etc.(21 Feb 2003)
HTML@Zaurus - 0.2.2HTML Editor for the Sharp Zaurus SL5xxx(4 Sep 2002)
Hybrid ROM for SL5500/5000 - 1.0Like Cacko/Crow ROM, this ROM mount /home at jffs2 partition.(16 Jun 2003)
Hypertree - 1.0Zaurus port of the hypertree Java library(7 Mar 2003)
I ChingThe Chinese Oracle / Fortune Teller(21 May 2002)
Iai-Master - 0.5pen action game.(21 Nov 2004)
Icarus Verilog - 0.7Verilog simulation and synthesis tool(29 Jun 2003)
ImageBrowser - 1.0.2Browse and display images(6 Nov 2003)
IMKit-Anthy - 0.3.5Japanese inputmethod plugin using Anthy(8 Aug 2002)
Incaptive WidowMaker - 1.1.2CF & SD Removable Media Formatter(12 Nov 2002)
InetFlash - 0.1 BetaFlashes Mail Led when internet activity is high.(30 Oct 2002)
InfoNES - v0.93J RC3A fast and portable NES emulator(23 Jun 2004)
Instrument Trainer - 1.0.5Tune instruments and drag an airplane around to learn about radio navigation(6 Oct 2002)
iPAQ fbVNCServeriPAQ Linux-PDA fbVNCServer(20 Jun 2004)
IPK export plugin for eclipse - 0.0.1A IPK export plugin for eclipse.(2 Jun 2003)
ipkg - 0.99.37ipkg for Sharp-ROM(4 Feb 2003)
IPRoute 2 for Sharp Zaurus Linux - 2.2.4-now-ss991023-1IPRoute 2 for Sharp Zaurus Linux (not OpenZaurus)(3 Feb 2004)
ipsec module for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel - sl 5600 - 2.01-1freeswan 2.01 ipsec module for 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel(13 Jan 2004)
ipsec-module-2.4.6-rmk1-np2-embedix-1 - 1.98bipsec module for original Sharp Zaurus kernel linux-2.4.6-rmk1-np2-embedix(29 Sep 2002)
iptables - 1.2.9administration tool for IP packet filtering and NAT(4 Sep 2003)
iptables-modulesiptables-modules for Sharp ROM 3.10(1 Dec 2003)
IqHtml - 1.0.1IqHtml is a tool for converting from IQNotes' XML format to an HTML file for the purpose of browsing on a desktop computer.(7 Oct 2003)
IQN2HTMLConvert IQNotes XML data files to HTML for viewing/printing on other platforms.(19 Sep 2003)
iqnotes-to-html - 1.1Convert iqnotes xml files to html for printing purposes.(12 Jun 2003)
Ir DemoIr Demo(2 May 2002)
IRDA Appletirda applet(4 Dec 2002)
IRK - 0.11.0External IR (Pocketop/IrDA or LIRC) Keyboard Support For Qtopia(13 Jan 2003)
irssi - 0.8.4-3irssi client - full version stripped down(27 Aug 2003)
IslandReversi - 1.0Othello(26 Jul 2002)
Isofs and Reiserfs Modules for Sharp 3.10 ROM - ROM 3.10Modules for reiserfs and iso9660 filesystems(3 Jul 2003)
iTunesRemote - 1.0 BetaiTunesRemote turns your Zaurus into a remote control for iTunes on your PC(31 Mar 2005)
J-FlashKanji and Japanese vocabulary trainer(7 Apr 2002)
Jahtzee! - 0.9.1Java implementation of a popular dice game with a similar name(28 Jul 2004)
japanese-support (English rom for SL-C700/750/760/860) - 1.0japanese-support (English rom for SL-C700/750/760/860)(7 Jan 2004)
JARDS Mobile - 1.1A word and character reference tool for students of Japanese.(9 Dec 2006)
Java-based JournalCreate personal journals(7 Apr 2002)
Java-Comm-API - 1.0Serial port access from Java(24 Jul 2002)
java-xml-app Zaurus - 0.20With java-xml-app Zaurus you can and edit java applications without the need to complie.(21 Oct 2003)
JavaDict - 0.2A simple Japanese Dictionary(23 Jan 2003)
JBM Small Arms Ballistics - 2.0Small Arms Ballistics Calculations(14 Jan 2003)
JCards - 5.0.1Simple data storage application(19 Nov 2002)
JCryptPadText Editor with encryption(7 Apr 2002)
jed - ??jed. the console editor(9 Sep 2002)
JeodCreator - 2.1Create jeode ipk to use on OZ3.(18 Sep 2002)
JExplorerA Java file explorer.(14 Oct 2002)
JMap - 20030109JMap - Just a small tool to navigate through the world(19 Dec 2002)
Joe's Own Editor (JOE) - 2.9.8pre1Joe's Own Editor for the Sharp Zaurus(12 Oct 2002)
JPortScanJava TCP & UDP port scanner(7 Apr 2002)
Jules Vernes From the Earth to the Moone-book(18 Sep 2002)
JumpX - Fitaly Keyboard JumpX is a keyboard-like input method for the Qt Palmtop Environment. It uses a layout for the letters which is optimized for one-finger-typing (as is performed with a stylus)(28 Oct 2004)
Juplet/Satlet/Moonlet - 0.4Astronomy applets: Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon(30 Aug 2002)
Just Reader - 2.0kE-Books reader(10 Sep 2002)
JustacaculatorDual-mode calculator(7 Apr 2002)
JustaflashlightTurn your Zaurus into a flashlight(7 Apr 2002)
KA-PiKAddressbook platform independent for 5x00 and SL 7x01.93(20 Nov 2004)
KAddressBook-sync - 0.2Linux sync scritps for KAddressBook and KOrganizer(5 Aug 2002)
Kahuna - 0.95hub/switch manager.(20 Nov 2002)
Kangoroo - 0.8Japanese dictionary software with two types of Kanji browsing(19 Jan 2007)
KanjiNirvana - 1.3b1A kanji reference and learning tool(17 Feb 2004)
Kannel WAP/SMS Gateway - 1.2.1Kannel SMS/WAP Gateway(4 Apr 2004)
Kaos - 1.0Fractal generator(18 Sep 2002)
Kawa - 1.6.96Kawa is a Scheme environment, written in Java, and that compiles Scheme code into Java byte-codes(19 Sep 2002)
KBillWack Bill Gates game.(15 Apr 2002)
KCheckersThe classic Checkers game(7 Apr 2002)
Keypebble VNC - 1.0.0zA VNC viewer (VNC client) for the Zaurus(29 Apr 2002)
keyring - 0.6.8Personal Password Manager(26 Apr 2002)
keyz - 0.5.6support for multiple keyboard mappings for the hardware keyboard(19 Sep 2002)
keyz for Shepherd (Sharp C-750) - 0.6.0-3 (experimental)Change keyboard usage (experimental for C750)(5 Sep 2003)
KFlog - 0.9soaring-pilot-software(2 Dec 2002)
KGrokDatabase driven applications(15 Apr 2002)
KinkattaLite - 0.95KinkattaLite is an AOL instant Messenger Client(7 Apr 2002)
Kismet - 3.0.1Kismet is an 802.11 wireless network sniffer.(6 Apr 2006)
Kismet Qt/e - 2.0.0A GUI for kismet (wireless lan sniffer)(30 May 2002)
KitchenSync - 0.0.1Syncing framework for KDE(27 Mar 2003)
kjumpxkorean jumpx inputmethod(23 Aug 2002)
klinesZLines port of KLines(1 Feb 2004)
KMerlin - 0.3.3KMerlin is an IM (Instant Messenger) client for MSN(3 Jul 2002)
Knights - 1.14Knights chess Game(18 Jun 2002)
KO-Pi - 1.7.xKOrganizer platform independent for 5x00 and SL 7x0(3 May 2004)
Konqueror/EmbeddedAn embedded version of the Konqueror browser(7 Apr 2002)
Kopi Java Compiler - 1.5Java Compiler in Java for onboard Java development(26 Apr 2004)
Kopi Java compiler - 2.1BA embedded Java compiler for the Zaurus(23 May 2003)
KOrganizerCalender and Scheduling program(17 Jun 2002)
KPhone/Pi - 0.9.7A VoIP SIP internet phone(30 Jul 2004)
KStarsStars viewer(7 Apr 2002)
KTrove - 1.0Lets you store and run most programs on SD and CF(22 Aug 2002)
Labyrinth - 0.7Zaurus version of the classic wooden game.(25 Apr 2003)
Language App for A300 - 1.5language switcher app package (icon was missing in qpe package)(23 Oct 2002)
launcherx-batteryapplet - 1.0.2Advanced battery applet and time remaining estimation.(4 Oct 2003)
LBreakout2 - 2.5-beta3Arcanoid/Breakout clone(15 Oct 2003)
LCDSwitch applet - 1.0The LCDSwitch applet allows you to turn the lcd off with a single tab.(21 Jun 2003)
ldap2zaurus - 0.1LDAP to Zaurus addressbook converter in PHP(8 Jun 2002)
Leaflet - 0.1Leaflet is a auto-saving note-taking program.(1 Jan 2003)
LED Blinker DemoBlinks the email and power lights(7 Apr 2002)
LEP-Gen - 0.7An low-entropy password generator (with S/KEY, SecurID, time hash)(12 Jul 2002)
less - 376less pager application(19 Mar 2004)
lex - 2.5.4Fast lexical analyser generator(29 Jun 2003)
lftp - 2.6.7-1sophisticated ftp/http client, file transfer program(15 Sep 2003)
lib-SDL-mixer - 1.2.5cvs-1higher level audio library for use with lib-SDL(21 Sep 2003)
libaudiofile - 0.2.6-1Open-source version of SGI's audiofile library(7 Dec 2004)
libax25 - 0.0.11-2This library is for ham radio applications that use the ax25 protocol.(7 Dec 2004)
libdb4.1 - 4.1.25Berkeley Database v4.1.25 without headers(5 Oct 2003)
libmad - 0.14.2b-1lightweight mp3 audio decoder(10 Sep 2002)
libncurses5 - 5.0-6.0potato1libncurses5 that works(1 Feb 2003)
libpcap - 0.7.2-1pcap libraries used for packet capture(10 Sep 2002)
libpcap 0.8.1 - 0.8.1packet capture library(21 Feb 2004)
libsasl2 - 2.1.15cyrus sasl2 libs and tools(5 Oct 2003)
libSDL - 1.2.6cvs-1The SDL library compiled for the zaurus.(5 Sep 2002)
libtiff 3.5.7 - 3.5.7TIFF library with some tools for the Sharp ROM(9 May 2003)
libxml - 1.8.17-1GNOME XML library(7 Dec 2004)
LightSwitch - 1.0A backlight toggle switch for the taskbar(3 Jul 2002)
Links-ssl - 0.3A text web browser(3 Jul 2002)
LinPhone - 0.12.2Linphone is a web phone: it let you phone to your friends anywhere in the whole world, freely, simply by using the internet. The cost of the phone call is the cost that you spend connected to the internet.(13 Apr 2004)
Linux and Qtopia Bootable Development CD-ROM - 1.0CD-distribution for demo'ing Linux and the Qtopia development environment(2 May 2002)
Linux driver for Ambicom/Pretec bluetooth CF cards - 0.28Linux driver for BT2000E Ambicom/Pretec bluetooth CF cards(7 Oct 2002)
Linux-Mobile-Guide - 3.14A guide for Linux users of laptops, PDAs and mobile phones.(20 Nov 2003)
LIRC - 0.6.6Linux LIRC 0.6.6 compiled for kernel 2.4.18, Sharp ROM 3.10, tkcROM(6 Aug 2003)
lirc - 0.6.6-zaurus1The LIRC package and module for Sharp ROM(1 Jan 2003)
LiveQT - 0.1A Zaurus-specialized client for LiveJournal using Qt(19 Sep 2002)
LoadRunner - 0.5.0A LoadRunner game clone.(13 Sep 2002)
LocalizerLocalizer is a vector and image based map viewer(17 Apr 2002)
locate/updatedb - 1.1Zaurus version of utilities to locate files on the Zaurus using a partial string or word.(17 Apr 2002)
lsab - 0.1search the contacts list from the command line(4 Mar 2003)
Lush - 1.0Lush, a lisp like programming language(9 Nov 2004)
LWE Client - 1.0Contest Client app from Linux World Expo(18 Sep 2002)
LWE Server - 1.0LWE Server(18 Sep 2002)
LynxLynx - text based browser(28 Jan 2003)
lzo - 1.08A real time data compression library.(20 Oct 2003)
m4 - 1.4A powerful macro processor.(13 Sep 2002)
Mac OSX Cross Compilerworking cross compiler for the Zaurus under Mac OS(4 Feb 2003)
Mac OSX USB Beta drivers - 0.2Mac OSX USB Beta drivers(4 Feb 2003)
Mad Bomber - 0.2.2Catch bombs before they hit the ground(15 Apr 2002)
madplay - 0.15.2bcommand line mp3 player(19 Feb 2003)
Magic Point for Zaurus (Cacko ROM) - .1.10aMagic Point port for cacko SL C7x0 ROM)(20 Dec 2003)
Mancala - 0.5.1Get the most chips(25 Jul 2002)
MatchMaker - 1.0Romance in your pocket(30 Aug 2002)
Maximasymbolic math package(24 Sep 2002)
MaxMAME - 1.2MAME for the Zaurus(9 Nov 2002)
Mbox Reader - 0.3.3Read mail messages from mbox format mail files(1 May 2006)
mcConvert - 0.1mcconvert convert the zaurus SL series from Japanese to English(24 Nov 2003)
MD+F Laser Chess Play GameChess game(11 Apr 2002)
Media MounterA simple application allowing you to mount and unmount devices you've configured in your /etc/fstab file.(19 Sep 2002)
meditor - 1.0java symbolic computing library and mathematical editor(1 Oct 2003)
Memory Monitor Applet - 1.0Taskbar Applet displaying current memory usage. Also allows to manage swapfile.(29 Jul 2003)
Merlin - 1.0Merlin is a Digital Oracle Companion (DOC)Requires Python(12 Jul 2003)
mICQ - of micq, popular console icq client(19 Oct 2002)
MicroChip PIC programmer ( Warp 13 compatible ) - 0.9MicroChip PIC programmer ( Warp 13 compatible )(11 Nov 2002)
MicroChip PIC programmer( PicStart compatible ) - 0.9MicroChip PIC programmer( PicStart compatible )(11 Nov 2002)
Midlets adapted for ZaurusCollection of games midlets playable on your Zaurus(11 Sep 2005)
Midnight Commander - 0.3 (4.5.42)the Midnight Commander just as you know and like it, now with syntax highlighting(22 May 2002)
Military-Alphabet - 0.1.1converts word or sentences into the Military Phonetic Alphabet(10 Jul 2004)
Minesweep (default qpe game) for A300 usersThe classic minehunt (default qpe game) for A300 users(15 Oct 2002)
Minicom - 1.82Terminal ProComm Plus like Serial comm program for the Z.(29 Jul 2002)
Minicom 2.1 - 2.1Minicom is a serial terminal program.(3 Jul 2003)
minscript - 1.2.2a Java/C++ like script interpreter(19 Feb 2003)
mioFlash - 0.02Japanese flashcard viewer, part of mioSuite(27 Jan 2004)
mioReaderLite - 0.08Japanese text reader with integrated dictionary.(21 Feb 2003)
Missile Command - 1.0.1Version of the classic Atari Missile Command(10 Sep 2002)
mkipkgAn ipkg generator that runs on the Zaurus(27 Sep 2002)
Mobile REVERSI - 1.0.0Reversi game for ZAURUS(26 Jul 2005)
modzaurus - .5 betaassists in the creation of custom roms(4 Oct 2002)
Mono - 0.26C# compiler and .NET Framework for Zaurus(20 May 2003)
MooView - 0.2A viewer for JPEG images(3 Jun 2002)
Morphine - 2.0.0-beta2A medical calculator (frontend for the Medal Project and more)(11 Sep 2002)
mostmost console utiliy(19 Sep 2002)
Most - 4.9.2A great text pager(3 Jul 2002)
mp - 3.2.7Minimum Profit, mp is a fine console text editor with advanced features.(26 Feb 2003)
mplayer - 0.90pre10mplayer is a command line movie player, ported to the zaurus. This version supports OggVorbis format.(14 Nov 2002)
MrIntrospector - 1.1Java Jar browser(18 Sep 2002)
MRTG - 2.9.29Multi Router Traffic Grapher ported to the Zaurus(23 Jul 2003)
msrrepView - 0.3-20040107A MSR Report viewer.(8 Jan 2004)
mtr - 0.51mtr is an advanced traceroute program(14 Nov 2002)
multikeymultilingual input method for opie(23 Aug 2002)
MultiSync with Opie/Zaurus Plugin - 0.80Synchronize your Zaurus with Evolution or your mobile phone.(1 Aug 2003)
MurphyTalk Pinyin Simplified Chinese Input Method - 0.03MurphyTalk Input Method is a simplified Chinese input method(4 Aug 2004)
myFlashCards - 0.0.1Simple and silly flash card application(22 Apr 2003)
MyPDA2 - 0.75.11FileView-based launcher for the Sharp Zaurus(24 May 2004)
MyPDA2 Launcher - 0.75.11MyPDA2 Launcher IPK for OZ3.2/Opie ROMs(14 Jun 2004)
MySQL Database - 3.23.49-8.7Version 3.23.49-8.7 of MySQL repackaged for the Zaurus.(13 Oct 2004)
Mysql Database - 3.22.32_2Mysqld and Mysql client for Zaurus(5 Jun 2002)
mySTEP - 1.7mySTEP is a set of libraries (Foundation, AppKit) for bringing the Cocoa/OpenSTEP Objective-C API to the Zaurus(6 Jul 2003)
nano - 1.2.1The nano console (ncurses) text editor.(22 Sep 2003)
ncftp2 - 2.4.3ftp client for the console. Feature packed and very quick.(29 Aug 2003)
nessusqt - 0.1a nessus client in QT(22 Oct 2002)
NetHack - 3.4.2NetHack, what more needs to be said!(7 Apr 2002)
NetworkApplet - 0.9.3Display and modify network interface status on-the-fly(24 Apr 2003)
ngrep for Zaurus - 1.40.1Ngrep for Zaurus 5500(10 May 2002)
Nine Mens Morris - 0.0.1Port of the gnome nine mens morris board game.(23 Feb 2003)
NMAP - 3.70nmap network scanner(15 Oct 2004)
Nmap for OpenZaurus - 3.27Console network scanner from www.nmap.org(25 Jul 2002)
Notes Applet - 1.0Notes Applet is a taskbar applet so you can keep quick notes(25 Sep 2002)
noteZ - 1.1.0A simple notebook application(25 Aug 2002)
NTLM Authorization Proxy 0.1.2 - 0.1.2Authorization proxy that works with Microsoft's IIS NTLM proxy servers(9 Jul 2004)
NunomeJapanese input method from Axe.(9 Jul 2002)
NVeeMESS - 0.011 AlphaMESS for QPE/OPIE(3 Nov 2002)
ogg123ogg123 ported to the zaurus. Uses Nicolas Pitre's integerized decoder. This fixes the old bug w/ older streams. NO DEAD LINK!(3 May 2002)
OggPlay - 0.6A tool to play Ogg music files on the Sharp Zaurus(6 Aug 2005)
Open Convert-.LIT toolConvert MS Reader (.LIT) files into HTML(15 Apr 2004)
OpenSSH - 3.6.1p1OpenSSH Compiled for the Zaurus(2 Nov 2005)
OpenSSH 3.6.1p1 - 3.6.1p1OpenSSH Compiled for the Zaurus(29 Apr 2003)
OpenSSL - 0.9.7dOpenSSL 0.9.7d for Sharp ROMs(23 Sep 2004)
OpenTTD for SL-C760 - port from Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe(19 Jun 2004)
OpenVPN - 1.5 beta 12Create secure, encrypted tunnels accross insecure networks.(20 Oct 2003)
OpenZaurus - 3.2 finalversion 3.2 final of the Openzaurus alternate rom(24 Sep 2007)
Openzaurus 3.3.5 Released - 3.3.5Rom replacement for zaurus sl5x00, c700, and ipaq h3xxx(10 Dec 2003)
OperaCreator - 6.0generate opera 6.0 from the sharp 3.1 rom installed on your z(18 Sep 2002)
OperaCreator_for_linuxscript for building an ipk for opera 6 from the sharp rom on a linux machine(21 May 2003)
Opie Player 2 (op?) - 1.0.3The new Opie mediaplayer.(12 Feb 2006)
Opie Sheet - 1.0.2An open source spreadsheet software with many features.(15 Apr 2002)
opie-addressbook - 2.2Replacment Addressbook(18 Sep 2002)
Opie-Camera - 1.0.1A Photo and Video Capturing Application(14 Apr 2003)
opie-checkbook - 0.9.1Personal Checkbook(18 Sep 2002)
opie-ckeyboard - 0.9.1Chinese keyboard entry for opie and qtopia(19 Sep 2002)
opie-ckeyboardx - 0.1chinese input for opie(24 Feb 2003)
opie-clock - 1.5clock with alarm(18 Sep 2002)
opie-clockapplet2 - 1.0.0Opie's clock applet with a popup menu(10 Jul 2003)
opie-confeditSettings Editor(24 Sep 2002)
Opie-Remote - 0.3remote control emulator(16 May 2002)
opie-shLets you use QT dialogs from the shell(16 May 2002)
opie-sh-apps - 0.1Applications using opie-sh(17 May 2002)
Opie-ShowImgBasic Image Viewer(29 Apr 2002)
opie-sysinfo - 1.5-1Replacment System information with more tabs.(18 Sep 2002)
Opie-textedit - 1.5-9Text Editor(18 Sep 2002)
OPIE/Qtopia 1.6.2 Applications for Sharp ROM 3.10 - 1.0A set of OPIE/Qtopia 1.6.2 applications back ported to Sharp ROM 3.10 & compatible ROMs. Applications were rebuilt statically with pieces of OPIE source code, so that libopie is not needed.(21 Jun 2003)
OpieFTP - 0.9.1-20021028FTP Client(15 Apr 2002)
opieircAn IRC client - updated(24 Sep 2002)
OTP Keygenmd5-challenge response computing(10 Dec 2002)
OTR MP3 Audio Player - 3.0Audio player designed for Old Time Radio shows on MP3 / OGG(15 Jun 2003)
OZ fbvnc password fix - 0.1Provides vncpasswd and updated vnc startup scripts to get vnc authentication to work.(31 Mar 2004)
ozone - 0.1.2ozone is a small script that is able to clone a openzaurus PDA and create a flashable image from that system.(13 May 2004)
p0f development version (2.0.4-beta1-arm) - 2.0.4-beta1Passive OS fingerprinting tool(10 Jun 2004)
P2Z - 0.3Palm to Zaurus PIM data conversion(8 Aug 2002)
Package Manager - BETAFeed Package Manager(18 Sep 2002)
pad2png - 0.5.1FlipIt file converter(21 Dec 2003)
Pairs - 1.1.1Find matching pairs of tiles(19 Sep 2002)
Palantir - 1.0.1Port of the Palantir Audio/Video client(7 Apr 2003)
Palm2zaurusPalm addressbook to zaurus conversion script in perl(5 Jul 2002)
ParaShootShoot parashooters before they fall to the ground.(15 Apr 2002)
PARI-GP - 2.1.4PARI-GP is a software package for computer-aided number theory.(15 May 2003)
Passkeyper - 0.4Password Manager(19 Sep 2002)
Passphrase Generator - 0.4A utility to create random passphrases for Opie(8 Dec 2003)
PDA Maze - 0.0.3Find the door out of the labyrinth(19 Sep 2002)
Periodic TableThe periodic table(7 Apr 2002)
perl - 5.6.1-7perl in a zaurus friendly package(20 Jan 2007)
Perl 5.8.0 for the SL-5500 - 1The Perl 5.8.0 core built for the Zaurus SL-5500(25 Aug 2003)
Petite Peinture - 1.0a simple paint application(18 Jan 2004)
PetitTrack - 1.2A satellite tracker(27 May 2002)
Phonetic inputmethod - 1.5Chinese inputmethod by phonetic(26 Jul 2002)
phpmyadminphp my admin(27 Aug 2002)
PIC Mobile Development - gputils-0.11.2Tool to assemble PIC micro controler code(1 May 2003)
pico - 4.4Pico is a small text editor that is used by Pine.(6 Apr 2003)
picoSQL - 1.5.2Relational database management system(17 Mar 2003)
Pigtopus vs. Piggie - 1.0A silly little game(14 Dec 2002)
PIMPrint - 1.0Search, format and print PIM data.(4 Dec 2002)
pine - 4.55Pine is a console based e-mail & news client(12 May 2003)
Pipeman - 1.0.0Put pipe parts together and dont let the water spill!(14 Oct 2002)
Pipepanic - 0.1.1Pipepanic is a pipe connecting game(17 May 2006)
PixRoundupThinking game(15 Apr 2002)
pocketcellar - 1.1Manage your wine collection(15 Nov 2002)
pocketop - 0.2Driver for Pocketop folding keyboard(6 Feb 2003)
PoqetPresenter - 0.0.6PoqetPresenter is a GPL'd OpenOffice.org 1.0 Impress (.sxi) presentation viewer for the Qtopia environment.(8 Jan 2003)
postfix-tls - 2.0.15Mail-Server for your tiny Zaurus.(6 Oct 2003)
Power Manga - 0.79-1Power Manga(16 Oct 2004)
Powerchord - 0.0.7guitar chord app which can generate chord diagrams on a fretboard from a chord name(15 Apr 2002)
pptp - 1.1Point-To-Point Tunneling Protocol Client (PPTP)(17 May 2003)
prboom - 2.2.3PrBoom is a port of the classic DOOM ego-shooter.(21 Jul 2002)
Process Manager - 1.1Kill, renice and manager processes in a list or tree view(15 Jul 2002)
procps - 3.2.3A port of the procps utilities (works on pdaXrom)(2 Oct 2004)
Project Professional 2.0 - 2.0Project Management Application for Sharp Zaurus(3 Mar 2005)
Prozect - 1.1hierarchical outliner and todo list(28 Dec 2003)
Punq, the Flea - La Pulga - 0.1A little game born in the Sinclair ZX81 times(14 Jan 2004)
PyQt - 3.4PyQt is a set of Python bindings for the Qt toolkit(26 Apr 2002)
Python development environment - 0.8Integrated Development Environment for the Python language(2 Dec 2002)
Python packages for scientific computingVarious scientific Python packages in ipk format(20 Dec 2002)
python-database - 2.2.1replacement python-database that uses sleepycat db4(4 Nov 2002)
Q Keyboard - 0.3.2keyboard input method for Sharp Zaurus(23 Oct 2003)
Q-Maki - 1.0.0Remove groups of same-tiles to remove them from the board.(13 May 2002)
QashMoney - 0.76Accounting / budgeting / expense application(19 Apr 2003)
Qazoo - 0.8.1Qazoo is a Yahoo IM client for Qtopia(22 Sep 2003)
QBug - 1.0Car maintenance tracker(17 Aug 2002)
QCopilot - 0.5Palm Pilot emulator for the Zaurus(4 Jun 2002)
Qfish2 - 1.1.0A Japanese traditional fishing game.(2 Oct 2004)
QHorseTomgaty Horse game(16 Apr 2002)
qkonsole - 0.9.3improved console(31 Jan 2004)
QLine - 1.0A mixture between Tetris and Connect-4(26 Apr 2002)
QM (Queen Magic) - 3.01Graphical Programming Language for Math(5 Dec 2004)
Qmame.ld - 1.0qmame binary compiled by LordDavon(30 Aug 2002)
Qmode2 - 0.1Program to display infrared signal's(22 Jan 2003)
QMoon - 0.2Identify features on the moon(23 Sep 2002)
Qoverclock - 0.1bChanges the cpu frequency via PPCR(5 Jan 2003)
QPaint - 1.0A simple image editor(25 Nov 2002)
qpdf - 1.50PDF Viewer for Zaurus(7 Apr 2002)
QPDF Chinese/Japanese Language Support - 1.0QPDF Chinese/Japanese Language Support(22 Feb 2003)
qpdf2 - 2.2.1Advanced PDF viewer and document manager with note editor (MANY NEW FEATURES!)(25 Jul 2003)
QPE Nmap - 0.01betaQT GUI for nmap(15 Feb 2003)
QPE NTPDate - 0.2betaA QT Frontend for ntpdate(15 Feb 2003)
qpe-patience - 1.5Solitaire games from Opie(16 Jul 2004)
QPE-Vexed - 1.2Clone of Vexed(3 Jan 2003)
qpeGPS - 0.9.1GPS navigation SW(1 Jul 2002)
qpenmapfe - 1.0A front end to nmap for Qtopia.(29 Jun 2002)
QPhoto - 0.2.0Photo viewer(4 Sep 2002)
QPlot - 2.0.1Advanced Math Calculator(14 Apr 2002)
QpMud - CVS only - prereleaseMUD Client for Qtopia(28 Aug 2002)
QPose - 3.5-0.2Palm Emulator(11 Apr 2002)
qpPhoto - 1.0.2A picture editor for the Zaurus(1 Nov 2002)
qpzidian - 0.1Chinese/English Dictionary(14 Sep 2002)
Qscmxx - 0.3.1send SMS using phonebooks of a Siemens mobile phones (IrDA and Bluetooth)(9 May 2006)
Qt tutorial #14 Cannon game with gravity - 1.0Shoot at target over barrier, with gravity(2 Aug 2002)
qtDictionary - 1.0Multilingual Dictionary(15 Sep 2002)
QTDRIVER - 0.7.0QTDRIVER is a graphics driver for the GRASS GIS(2 May 2006)
qtgps - 1.1GPS program(1 Jul 2002)
QTJim - 0.3.9 (beta)A QT Jabber Client(25 Apr 2002)
QTJournal - 1.0.3A QT Journal / Diary Program(9 Apr 2003)
QtOnTheZ.txt - 1.1Setup of Qt Embedded Compile Environment on the Zaurus(17 Apr 2002)
Qtopia 1.6.1 Kernel 2.4.18 ROM for the SL-5500 - 2.0Alternative ROM for the Zaurus SL-5500 with Qtopia 1.6.1 and the Linux kernel 2.4.18 provided by Sharp with the standard rom v. 3.10(28 Apr 2003)
Qtopia 1.6.2 Hybrid ROM for Sharp Zaurus SL-5000/5500 - 1.1Hybrid ROM with Qtopia 1.6.2 preinstalled in jffs2 partition(20 Jun 2003)
Qtopia Alarm Clock - 2.0.0A travel alarm clock for the Zaurus(24 Sep 2002)
Qtopia Alarm Clock - advanced - 1.0.9An enhanced version of the original Qtopia Alarm Clock application(29 Jan 2003)
Qtopia GnuboyQtopia Gnuboy is a Qtopia port of the Gnuboy Gameboy Emulator(11 Apr 2002)
Qtopia Search - 0.0.3aA handy frontend to find and grep(7 Apr 2003)
Qtopia-x - 0.1Run X-Window under Qtopia!(29 Apr 2002)
QtPlot and gnuplot - 0.2 and 4.0.0QtPlot is a plotting frontend for gnuplot 4.0.0(2 May 2004)
QTravel - 0.2.1organize travel costs.(4 Sep 2002)
qtrdesktop - 1.4.1-5A port of rdesktop for Japanese SL-Zaurus(25 Jul 2005)
QTReader (aka Opie-Reader) - 0.7eAn e-text reader(7 Apr 2002)
QtTV - 0.0.2TV Guide for the Zaurus, using XMLTV(6 Aug 2003)
Quake - (usable, but slooooow)Quake, the ledgendary First person shooter.(7 Apr 2002)
Qualendar - 0.8.0A calendar/todo application for SL-B500 and SL-CXX0(9 Feb 2004)
Quasar Media Player - 0.85Quasar Media Player is a decent, fast and convenient media player for the Zaurus and other Qt(opia)-based (mobile) systems.(8 Oct 2007)
Queen Magic - Version 2Lenguaje de programacion Grafico(29 Apr 2003)
QwikScript - 0.2.0Efficient pen-based input method(11 Feb 2003)
QWireless - 0.1.0Wireless tool(4 Sep 2002)
R - 1.7.0, 1.6.2 (& 1.6.1)R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.(7 Apr 2003)
RCS - 5.7-arm-linuxThe classic Revision Control System for project management + docs(16 Sep 2003)
rdateThe console rdate application(1 Jul 2002)
RedHat RPMs driver for TCP via USBbinary RPM, built against 2.4.18-5 for i686 machines(25 Jul 2002)
ReginaREXX for Zaurus - 3.3Regina REXX compiled for the Zaurus(12 Jul 2006)
Remote Clip 3.1 - 3.1Remote Clip lets you sync clipboards of networked computers.(3 Oct 2002)
Rend - the RENice Daemon - 0.4Rend will monitor and renice processes to improve performance.(28 Apr 2003)
Resistor Value Calculator - 0.9Resistor Color Code Value Calculator(11 Nov 2002)
ResumeGuard - 0.1Prevent battery drain through accidental wakeup(8 Aug 2002)
RiseSet - 0.2.0Calculate Rise and Set times of Sun and Moon(6 Feb 2004)
ROMburst - 1.0Tease apart the files contained in a 16MB Zaurus ROM image(19 Jun 2002)
Rotation Plugin - 0.0.2Rotation Plugin(19 May 2003)
RPG Names - 1.0Role Playing Utility: Random Name Generator(17 Nov 2002)
rsync - 2.5.6rsync utility installable to memory cards(23 Aug 2003)
RTM8000-Enabler - 1.1patch serial_cs.o and serial.opts so that a GPRS CF card is recognized(4 Nov 2005)
Rubik UnboundThe classic Rubik's Cube game(15 Apr 2002)
ruby - 1.7.2 CVSthe ruby programming language(21 Oct 2002)
Ruby 1.6 - 1.6.8-1Ruby 1.6 for the Z(28 Jan 2003)
Ruby 1.7.3 - 1.7.3Ruby 1.7.3(16 Oct 2004)
SafeBoot - 0.1Prevents the "double-reboot = crash" problem(21 Oct 2002)
sambaServe smb-shares from your zaurus(7 Apr 2002)
Same - 1.2.0A simple puzzle game for the Zaurus.(9 May 2006)
Scheme48 - 1.1Scheme48, a implementation of the Scheme programming langugage.(9 Nov 2004)
scmxx - data with Siemens mobile phones(15 Jul 2003)
screen - 3.9.11Screen is a terminal multiplexer -- if you use a terminal a lot, you must use this program.(17 Oct 2002)
ScreenshotApplet - 1.1.0Snapshot applet(31 Oct 2006)
Scumm.QPE - 1.0.0Graphical User Interface Frontend for ScummVM(21 Sep 2002)
ScummVM for Qtopia - 0.6.1ScummVM emulator for Lucasarts adventures(6 Aug 2004)
SeaBattleThe SeaBattle game for the Zaurus(7 Apr 2002)
SFCave - 1.9SFCave - Fly through caverns with the greatest of ease(25 Oct 2002)
SFCave-SDL - 1.1SFCave - now even better(23 Jan 2003)
Sha-rk - 0.1Russian Localization project for the zaurus(19 Sep 2002)
Sharp ROM C1000 - 1.4(21 Oct 2005)
Sharp ROM V3.10 Apps Add-On - 3.10Sharp ROM V3.10 Apps Add-On(16 May 2003)
Sharp ROM V3.10 for SL-5000 (kernel 2.4.18) - 3.10SL-5000 flash rom update based on SL-5500 Sharp ROM V3.10(17 May 2003)
Sharp ROM V3.13 - 3.13Latest Sharp Zaurus 5500 ROM(16 May 2003)
Shisen-Sho - 0.0.3Port of the kshisen game of the KDE project(23 Sep 2002)
Shopper - 1.2.1Shopping List Manager(2 Jul 2002)
Shorewall 1.4.5 - 1.4.5-1Shorewall 1.4.5 ipk for the Zaurus 5600 2.4.18-rmk7-pxa3-embedix kernel(19 Jan 2004)
Shufflewords - 1.0.1Guess words from a bunch of shuffled letters(12 Jun 2002)
SIDPlayerPlay Commodore 64 SID tunes(7 Apr 2002)
sitescooperRetrieves stories from the websites to read them offline(22 Sep 2002)
SkatBlock - 1.1.2Protocol a Skat-Evening or SheepHead-Evening(31 Jul 2002)
Sketches Of Q - 1.0A well done sketch program(25 Apr 2002)
SLapASS! Simple Linux access point ASSociator - V1.01Uses Kismet to sniff for networks, then associates with them. Can be used to switch between multiple preconfigured networks. Supports random mac generation as well.(22 Jun 2004)
slcalc - 0.3.0scientific calculator for Linux Zaurus C700(2 Mar 2003)
slocate - 2.7Secure locate provides a secure way to index and quickly search for files on your system.(5 Mar 2004)
slrn - is a console based threaded Internet news reader(12 May 2003)
SmartGolf - 0.3-2Golf round and score tracker(27 Dec 2002)
smbclient - 2.2.10-0Samba client apps (smbclient, nmblookup)(16 Aug 2004)
smbmount for Zaurus - 0.1smbmount - the missing one :)(22 May 2002)
smsgui - 0.1Frontend for gnokii to send a SMS(3 Jan 2003)
smtp2ssmtp.py - 0.1a SMTP to SSMTP (require AUTH) proxy for QtMail, Mail-it(4 May 2003)
snmp-client - 0.1snmp client pack (snmpset, snmpget, snmpstatus and snmpwalk)(6 May 2002)
SNMPz - 0.9SNMP MIB and SNMP browser for Qtopia(14 Oct 2003)
Snowfence - 1.0a simple firewall(8 Jul 2005)
socat - 1.2-0.1Swiss army chainsaw of socket hacking (netcat on acid)(13 Jul 2002)
Socket/Symbol Spectrum24 driverDriver for the Socket/Symbol Spectrum24 802.11 wireless CF card(1 May 2002)
SokobanPut the Gem's away.(15 Apr 2002)
Solitaire - 2.02Solitaire with Freecell, Patience, Spider and Forty Thieves(new)(17 Jun 2002)
Solitaire (default qpe-game) - 1.5A package of the default solitaire game (patience+freecell) for A300 users.(15 Oct 2002)
Soroban(abacus) - 1.0.6Soroban(abacus) emulator for the Zaurus; uses Java.(3 Jun 2003)
soundmodem - 0.7-5Sound Card Amateur Packet Radio Modems(7 Dec 2004)
Spades - 1.0Card Game(20 Nov 2002)
spaz - 0.31 vs. computer space dueling game.(12 Dec 2002)
Startkladde - 0.1Gliding Site Flight Movement Manager(15 Oct 2002)
Stash - 0.1Money Managment(16 Apr 2002)
strace - 4.4.98-1A system call tracer(10 Apr 2003)
strip2zsafe - 2002-08-26a STRIP to ZSafe Conversion Tool(26 Aug 2002)
stunnel - 3.22-2An SSL-encrypting socket wrapper.(4 Oct 2002)
SubApplet - 1.0.8A system tray extender applet.(24 Jun 2003)
supertux - 0.1.2-3SuperTux is a jump'n run like game, with strong inspiration from the Super Mario Bros games for Nintendo.(27 Apr 2006)
Suspend disabler/enablerEnable/disable suspend(7 Apr 2002)
Suspend/Resume SafeBoot Script - 0.9Modification of SafeBoot for the Suspend/Resume Script Architecture(29 Jan 2003)
SWNames - 1.0.0Star Wars RPG Names Generator(1 Jul 2004)
SynchronizeClock - 1.0Frontend for rdate to get a servers time(1 Jul 2002)
SysStat 4.1.6 (sar) - 4.1.6Sysstat utilities 4.1.6 (sar, mpstat, iostat and sa)(24 Sep 2003)
Tab Manager - 1.3Move around apps, add/remove tabs, edit applications(5 May 2002)
Tapboard - 1.0.0Input method for Zaurus with ATOMIK-like layout(14 Sep 2002)
TaskList Applet - 1.0.5Allows you to switch between running applications(16 Jun 2003)
Tcl - 8.4.7Tcl, a scripting language(9 Nov 2004)
tcpdump - 3.8.3tcpdump network packet capturing tool.(15 Oct 2004)
TCX - Transparently Compressed Executables - 1.0.2Linux-Arm compiled version of tcx & untcx that utilizes gzip for on-the-fly compression(16 Oct 2002)
Temtor - Tempus Relator - 0.0.1Time tracking tool with report functions (like karm/gnotime)(12 Oct 2004)
Temtor for Qtopia/Opie 0.0.1 - 0.0.1Temtor for Qtopia/Opie 0.0.1(25 Oct 2004)
Text Adventure Interpreter - 0.2Text Adventure Interpreters cross compiled for Zaurus(14 Nov 2003)
Thai Input Method - 1.0.1Virtual keyboard for Thai language(21 Sep 2006)
The Eliminator - 1.0Puzzle Game(6 Sep 2002)
TheKompany ROM 1.0 - v1.0Replacement Rom for Sharp Zaurus(1 Sep 2003)
theKompany.rom - 1.0RC4theKompany.rom release for Zaurus users.(9 Jul 2003)
Thinlet GUI toolkit - betaComplete widget set in a single Java class, separates the presentation (xml) and logic (Java)(20 Nov 2002)
thttpd - 2.2.11tiny turbo httpd - ultra fast web server(29 Aug 2003)
Tic Tac ToeTic Tac Toe for the Zaurus.(7 Apr 2002)
Tickypip - 0.1.2A game of network administration(29 Nov 2002)
Time & Travel: WorldClock - 0.1Simple world clock with cities and time zones(13 Oct 2004)
time tracker - 1.0Small time-tracking application with synchronization abilities(8 Sep 2004)
TimeSleuth - 1.04Time tracking system for recording the amount of time spent on different tasks or projects(7 Apr 2002)
TimeTableZ - 0.1Timetable manager(24 Oct 2003)
Timzer - 1.2.0Timers for your needs(10 Jun 2003)
TinyViewerTinyViewer(12 Aug 2004)
tkcmemo2gjots - 1.0A script to convert tkcmemo entires to gjots(21 Aug 2003)
Today - 0.5Summarizes tasks, e-mail, and events.(15 Apr 2002)
toMOTko - 0.8.0Flashcard application for learning vocabulary for one or more foreign languages.(11 Jan 2008)
Tower Toppler for Zaurus - 0.97.1It was a platform game, very addicting, of the time of the C64 & Amstrad CPC.(12 Aug 2003)
Tower Toppler v0.97.1 - 0.97.1An addictive platform game.(1 Jun 2003)
trans-de-en - 0.1trans is a small bidirectional dictionary lookup tool(23 Oct 2002)
troll-ftpd - 1.28Trolltech's simple ftpd packaged for the zaurus(24 May 2007)
Tron - 0.0.2Port of the KDE game ktron(30 Sep 2002)
tun-module-2.4.6-rmk1-np2-embedix - 2.4.6Linux kernel module to enable tun device.(20 Oct 2003)
Turn Off - 1.0.0Utility to safely power down the Zaurus!(12 Jun 2003)
Tux Paint for Zaurus - 0.9.14-z2A drawing software designed for young children(22 Mar 2005)
TxDrug - 0.1Drug Lookup for medical professional(17 Nov 2002)
TxImage - 0.2Fast and full-featured image viewer(20 Jun 2003)
txt2tags - 2.0txt2tags ipk packages(6 Aug 2004)
typefast - 0.2TypeFast typing tutor(17 Dec 2002)
U-Bahn Navigator - 0.3.1Navigation tool for subway networks(22 Feb 2004)
UCLX v0.2 - v0.2UCLX is an executable file compressor , for ARM base linux systems. (Zaurus, IPAQ..)(1 Jun 2003)
unicode-fonts - 0.5.0Replacements for standard helvetica and fixed fonts containing all Latin and Cyrillic characters(19 Sep 2002)
unison - 2.9.1-1file-synchronization tool(6 Sep 2002)
update-rc.dupdate-rc.d system script(30 Aug 2003)
USB Storage for SL 5500/5000 - 1.0USB Storage functionality ported from SL-C860 device(5 Mar 2004)
USB TCP/IP Bahia driverReplacement TCP/IP USB Driver(7 Aug 2002)
USPS Shipping Rate Calculator - 0.9USPS Shipping Rate Calculator(11 Nov 2002)
utftpd - 0.2.4TFTP server(18 May 2004)
Utopia Unicode Fonts - 1.0.5-1Utopia unicode fonts(12 Oct 2002)
Vectoroids - 1.1.0a vector-based rock-shooting game similar to the arcade classic(14 Apr 2002)
Verdana Unicode Fonts - 1.0.5-1Verdana Unicode Fonts(1 Feb 2003)
Viewer for DjVu Documents for COLLIE SL5500 and similiarViewer for DjVu Documents, based on the DjVuLibre library.(25 Aug 2005)
vim - 6.1Text editor for programmers and sysadmins.(15 Aug 2002)
Virtual Kendrick - 1.0Virtual Bill Kendrick (of New Breed Software) on your PC or Zaurus PDA.(3 Jun 2002)
VisiScript - 0.4.3A comfortable editor and a simple graphical frontend for scripting languages(11 Jul 2006)
VisualBoyAdvance (SDL) - 14Gameboy Advance emulator for the Zaurus (SDL)(7 May 2003)
VLC (VideoLAN Client)Video Lan(10 Jun 2003)
vol - 0.01control record and playback volume from the command line(30 Sep 2002)
Volume Control Applet - 1-0.0Controls mic and speaker volume independently.(18 Dec 2002)
vorbis-plugin - 1.0.1media player plugin for playing Ogg-Vorbis files(11 Oct 2002)
WaJEi - 0.8.1WaJEi Japanese Dictionary(27 Jan 2003)
WarpFleet - 0.1WarpFleet is a game of starship combat.(31 Oct 2002)
watch - 0.2.0program scheduler/watcher(27 Aug 2003)
Wellenreiter II - 1.0.2A Wireless Network Monitor / Sniffer(30 Mar 2003)
wget - 1.8.2a tool to get webpages on the console.supports whole website-grabbing and ftp.(10 Nov 2002)
WhatsUpOnZ - 0.3aSystem manager for processes, modules and CPU & Memory utilization(9 Jun 2002)
wiki2zaurus - 0.9The free online encyclopedia offline for the Zaurus(10 Jan 2004)
Win4 - 0.0.4Zaurus port of the KDE game kwin4(19 Sep 2002)
Wine - 1.0.0Wine Bottle Management Database(20 Sep 2002)
WirelessApplet - 1.0.3WirelessApplet displays the wifi signal strength in the taskbar.(28 Jul 2002)
WWWOFFLE - WWW Offline Explorer - 2.5c-10Caching proxy server for fetching and offline reading of web pages.(8 Jul 2002)
X MultiMedia System - 0.00007X MultiMedia System ported to OPIE(30 Aug 2002)
X10ClientX10Client for a networked zaurus(6 Sep 2002)
X48 - 0.4.1HP 48 calculator emulator (needs X windows)(15 May 2003)
XMLview - 0.1-20040111A small XML viewer(11 Jan 2004)
XP Calc - 1.0.0Experience Point Calculator for 3.5e D&D(2 Apr 2004)
xrick - 021212zaurus port of xrick, a rick dangerous clone(28 Nov 2002)
xrick 021212 - 021212zaurus port of xrick, a rick dangerous clone(15 Mar 2004)
Xscreensaver - 4.21A collection of colourful screensavers(22 Apr 2005)
Xtoolchain - 1.1ARM cross compiler toolchain for MacOS X (Xcode plugin)(27 Mar 2007)
XU4 - Ultima 4 for Zaurus - v0.7cvsXU4 is an Ultima 4 port for Linux. And now for Zaurus !(1 Jun 2003)
YACAS - 1.0.53rev1Yet Another Computer Algebra System(15 May 2003)
YAR: Yet Another ROM - RC2YAR is derived from the Sharp 3.10 ROM. Runs as root.(22 Jul 2003)
Yasump - 0.4Mod-Player(4 Jun 2003)
yp client - 0.1ypbind, yp-tools and configuration files(8 Jul 2002)
z2sylph - 0.82Convert your Zaurus address book to Sylpheed(22 Jan 2003)
Z81 - 2.0ZX81 Emulator(3 Oct 2004)
ZaAM - 1.01ZaAM is an Application Manager(16 Apr 2002)
ZAntiword - 0.1ZAntiword - frontend to and Z port of antiword(6 Jul 2003)
ZApple - v0.1bApple][e Emulator for C7x0/C860(16 Oct 2004)
Zataxx - 0.9.7An Ataxx clone for the Sharp Zaurus(11 Oct 2002)
ZauDSL - 1.1DSL for the Zaurus ;-)(1 Jun 2006)
Zauralign - 1.0.2Align coloured pieces to remove them from the game board.(11 May 2002)
ZauRSS - 0.2.2an RSS aggregator(3 Jan 2004)
Zaurus - 0.8aSynchronizes the Zaurus Address Book with the Mac OS X 10.2 Address Boook(8 May 2003)
zaurus adventure emulatorszaurus adventure emulators(26 Jun 2002)
Zaurus Check 5600 - 1.0These are scripts to connect and disconnect a Sharp Zaurus SL-5600 PDA to a Linux box running a KDE desktop.(22 Feb 2004)
Zaurus Console Terminal - 1.5.0-2Zaurus terminal to get a shell prompt(23 Jun 2006)
zaurus keymap keyboard assignment tablethis is the pdf chart of the zaurus keyboard assignment(13 May 2003)
Zaurus OS Linux - 1.2desktop icon change em(12 Jul 2005)
Zaurus XFree86 - 0.8X-Windows implementation for the Zaurus(27 Sep 2002)
zaurus-debian - 0.11Pocket Workstation - Debian environment for handheld computers(20 Jan 2003)
zaurus-emacs - 1zaurus-emacs is a microemacs-port for the zaurus.(28 Mar 2003)
Zaurus-Gant 1.4 - 1.4desktop look "change-em-up"(14 Aug 2005)
zaurus-Gforth-0.5.0a forth interpreter for the Zaurus(18 Jul 2003)
Zaurus-Umicons - 1.2A sl-5500 desktop theme(12 Jul 2005)
ZaurusDemo - 1.0A Zaurus demo application(17 Nov 2002)
Zaurus_check - 1.0A script to check for the connection/disconnection of the Z to a Linux box(26 Jan 2003)
zaurus_xmlPython class to objectify zaurus xml files(3 Feb 2005)
ZauTempo - 1.0Tempo visualization program(26 Oct 2002)
zaval - 3.70Zaval Light-Weight Visual Components Library (LwVCL) is a pure Java alternative to humble AWT-based and SWING-based GUI interfaces(21 Oct 2002)
zbedic - v1.1ZBEDic is an electronic dictionary reader for Sharp Zaurus(31 Oct 2006)
zBlack-Box - 0.9Find the hidden crystles(19 Aug 2002)
ZBounce - 0.5A Jezz Game(19 Aug 2002)
Zcalc - 0.0.10Scientific and Integer Calculator(18 May 2002)
zCalendar - 0.1 777Qtopia PIM Calendar for your Zaurus(11 Dec 2003)
ZCardUtil - 0.1ZCardUtil is a front end to cardctl and the pcmcia init script(20 Jan 2004)
zChain - 0.9Own all of the blocks(19 Aug 2002)
ZCheckers - 1.0.0A checkers (draughts) game for Qtopia.(12 Apr 2002)
ZConsole - 1.0Terminal with Serial - open VT102 terminal session over /dev/ttyS0(16 Sep 2002)
zD20Dice - 1.0.0Zaurus D20 Gaming Dice Roller(20 Apr 2004)
Zealth-basic - 0.9Zaurus blood sugar tracker(13 Sep 2002)
Zearch - 0.99keyword/phrase search of Address Book, Calendar, ToDo lists and Documents. Selected result opens in its associated application(29 Aug 2002)
ZEditorGUI Text Editor - the best free editor!!!(14 Feb 2004)
ZElement - 1.0A periodic table(29 Oct 2003)
ZEmufeEx - 0.1.1-1exznester,zgnuboy,snes9x,dgen,VBA ... FrontEnd(2 Jul 2003)
zesync - 0.3.1Linux Sync tool(1 Jul 2002)
ZEtherealPacket sniffer(8 Nov 2002)
ZEuro - 0.9European currencies to Euro / Euro to European currencies convertor(24 Jun 2003)
zfax - 0.9.6GUI frontend for efax(10 May 2003)
zfinger server - 0.1a finger server for the zaurus.... instantly running after installation.(9 Nov 2002)
zFormula - 1.0.0Formula Storage Software(2 Dec 2002)
zFurby - 1.0Control your furby via ir(18 Sep 2002)
ZGCC (Zaurus-on-board GNU compiler collection) Release 2.02 - 2.02ZGCC C/C++/Qt compiler system for on-board development(18 Nov 2003)
zgcc 2.95.1 - 2.95.1The GNU C compiler and debugger to code in C on the Zaurus(29 Nov 2002)
Zgnuboy - 1.0.3-3Gameboy Emulator(20 Jul 2003)
ZGScore - 1.0.1Zaurus Golf Score(8 Apr 2004)
zHomer - 1.0.0Zaurus Homer(17 May 2004)
ZiaxPhone a IAX based VoIP phone - 0.6ZiaxPhone is a IAX based Voice over IP Phone Client(26 Mar 2004)
ZIC: Zaurus IRC Client - 0.2A graphical IRC client for Qtopia(7 Apr 2002)
zical 0.2.1 - 0.2.1To do and calendar(16 Oct 2004)
ziciz - 0.88IRC Client(24 May 2004)
ZImage - 1.0.4ZImage is a simple image viewer program with a thumbnail preview.(26 May 2002)
zip - 2.3zip for the z(19 Sep 2002)
zIPSC - 0.4.3IP subnet calculator(6 Jul 2002)
zIQPeg jumping puzzle game(6 Sep 2002)
ZJasper - 1.0ZX Spectrum Emulator Build for the Zaurus(28 Jun 2002)
ZJEMU - 1.0Amstrad CPC Emulator in Java (Zaurus JEMU)(10 May 2004)
zLapSpeed - 1.0.0Zaurus Lap Speed Calculator(20 Apr 2004)
zlib - 1.1.2Zlib library(14 Aug 2002)
ZLines - 1.0A simple game.(7 Apr 2002)
ZMahjongg - 1.0Traditional mahjong game.(7 Dec 2004)
ZMAME - 0.3-FULLThe Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator for Qtopia(7 Apr 2002)
zman - 0.1man browser for zaurus(30 Aug 2003)
zMerlin - 0.9Change all of the blocks to penguins.(19 Aug 2002)
ZMinDia - 0.97.3A program for slide shows(16 Aug 2003)
zmorsedUse the Zaurus audio port as a morse key input(7 Apr 2002)
zNessus - 0.3a Nessus client(13 Sep 2002)
zNetBackup - 0.2A fully automatic backup tool, never even think of backing up - it's already done ;)(27 Jan 2003)
zNQC - 2.4r3'Not Quite C' for controlling Lego Mindstorms from your Zaurus(9 Oct 2002)
zNumbers - 0.9Move all of the blocks once.(19 Aug 2002)
zope-python2.1 - 0.1Zope 2.5.1 with python2.1(31 May 2003)
zOthello - 0.6Othello board game.(17 Jun 2004)
Zoutline - 0.1A small outliner(31 Oct 2002)
ZPDBook - 1.0 alphaParticle Data Booklet for Zaurus(18 May 2003)
zpimsearchText based search tool for zaurus pim data(3 Feb 2005)
ZPSXZaurus Playstation Emulator(1 Feb 2006)
ZRally - 0.90A top view race game with multiple tracks and multiple levels of play(5 Sep 2002)
zraycast - 0.5First Person shooter APLHA version(6 Jun 2002)
zReadere-book reader(25 Nov 2002)
ZRev7 - 1.0.1Zaurus port of the KDE version(19 Sep 2002)
zRoadMap - 1.0GPS Navigation. Uses US Census Bureau vector maps(7 Jun 2003)
zs710 - Workouts from Polar Heart Rate Monitor S710(9 Sep 2004)
ZSafe - 2.1.3Zaurus Password Manager(14 Apr 2002)
zSAme - First PortSelect stones of the same color and get credit(1 Feb 2004)
zsc - 1.4.1ZSC (Zaurus Star Castle)(29 Apr 2002)
ZShopi - 0.2Electronical shopping list(3 Dec 2003)
zSMS - 1.0SMS tool(18 Oct 2002)
ZSolitaire - 1.0Solitaire Game Collection(24 Sep 2004)
ZSSH - 1.5aA file transfer wrapper for ssh(20 Sep 2002)
ZStellaAtari 2600 video game system emulator(29 Apr 2002)
ZStopWatch - 1.0Simple Stopwatch(29 Apr 2002)
ZStyle - 1.4Custom styles, fonts, colors and backgrounds(9 Dec 2002)
zsubhunt - 0.92Sub Hunting game(1 Aug 2002)
Zsync - 0.1It ports data from the zaurus to evolution 1.2 and back(14 Dec 2002)
ZTailGunner - 0.9.13D Shoot game in java (Personal Java).(18 Oct 2002)
zTan - 0.3.5TAN management application(29 Mar 2003)
zTappy - 0.9.1Remove all of the same images.(19 Aug 2002)
zTi85emu - 0.73Texas Instruments Ti85 emulator(30 Aug 2002)
zTips - 0.1zTips is a tips calculating program.(1 Jan 2003)
ZTrans - 1.0.2A Zaurus english to german translation program(14 Apr 2002)
ZUC - 1.1Zaurus Unit Convertor(5 May 2002)
ZWiki - 1.0ZWiki is a Wiki implementation tailored for usage as a PIM on handheld devices.(23 Oct 2003)
ZWord - 0.6A crossword solver for Zaurus(16 Mar 2006)
ZX4Zaurus - 1.1A ZX-Spectrum emulator, the right one for playing games.(4 Jul 2002)
Zynergy - 1.0Custom ROM based on Sharp 2.38 and Opie(25 Mar 2003)
Zynergy5600 - 1.1Custom ROM for the sl-5600(12 Aug 2003)

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