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The Handheld Linux Zaurus Software Index: for Sharp Zaurus and other devices.

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SD driver - 1Supports SD cards upwards above 1GB(19 Feb 2008)
toMOTko - 0.8.0Flashcard application for learning vocabulary for one or more foreign languages.(11 Jan 2008)
Visual Q - 0.5.6Ezaurus full-scale picture edit software(24 Oct 2007)
AJZaurusUSB - 0.5.3USB driver for MacOS X 10.4 (Universal Binary)(13 Oct 2007)
Quasar Media Player - 0.85Quasar Media Player is a decent, fast and convenient media player for the Zaurus and other Qt(opia)-based (mobile) systems.(8 Oct 2007)
BomberMan clone - 0.81A bomberman clone for the Sharp Zaurus(24 Sep 2007)
OpenZaurus - 3.2 finalversion 3.2 final of the Openzaurus alternate rom(24 Sep 2007)
Friq - 0701-1Friq for Embedded Linux: a port of Sebastian's GP2X game to the Sharp Zaurus.(14 Sep 2007)
Frink - 4.0Frink is a programming language and calculating tool.(27 Jul 2007)
troll-ftpd - 1.28Trolltech's simple ftpd packaged for the zaurus(24 May 2007)
Xtoolchain - 1.1ARM cross compiler toolchain for MacOS X (Xcode plugin)(27 Mar 2007)
perl - 5.6.1-7perl in a zaurus friendly package(20 Jan 2007)
Kangoroo - 0.8Japanese dictionary software with two types of Kanji browsing(19 Jan 2007)
Korean DictionariesKorean-English and English-Korean dictionaries for zbedic(29 Dec 2006)
THE - 3.2THE - The Hessling Editor compiled for the Zaurus(21 Dec 2006)
JARDS Mobile - 1.1A word and character reference tool for students of Japanese.(9 Dec 2006)
GPE - G Palmtop Environment - 2.7Open source GUI system including applications like PIM for mobile Linux devices(11 Nov 2006)
ScreenshotApplet - 1.1.0Snapshot applet(31 Oct 2006)
zbedic - v1.1ZBEDic is an electronic dictionary reader for Sharp Zaurus(31 Oct 2006)
GeoKajet - 1.0Geocaching application for Qtopia(31 Oct 2006)
Thai DictionariesThai Dictionary Files for zbedic(25 Oct 2006)
Thai Input Method - 1.0.1Virtual keyboard for Thai language(21 Sep 2006)
Thai Zaurus Fonts - 1.012 fonts for Thai language, also usable for English(21 Sep 2006)
hebcal - 3.2A programme to compute hebrew calendar dates(1 Aug 2006)
Wireless LAN Monitor - 1.7.0A little Qt/e app to monitor some info on a wireless lan card.(13 Jul 2006)
Smartmon Tools - 5.33Smartmon Tools for the Microdrive of the Zaurus(12 Jul 2006)
ReginaREXX for Zaurus - 3.3Regina REXX compiled for the Zaurus(12 Jul 2006)
manserver - 1.07manServer ipk file for the Zaurus including the necessary macro definitions(12 Jul 2006)
VisiScript - 0.4.3A comfortable editor and a simple graphical frontend for scripting languages(11 Jul 2006)
Zaurus Console Terminal - 1.5.0-2Zaurus terminal to get a shell prompt(23 Jun 2006)
xmame.SDL - 0.77.1MAME on SDL(20 Jun 2006)
SafeDee - 2.0.2SafeDee is a flexible database with Blowfish encryption. Store passwords, PIN numbers, personal information.(14 Jun 2006)

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